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The Star Gun Club is a private members club owned by its members and managed by a Committee of five members who are elected annually in line with the clubs Constitution.

We employ professional ground staff to manage the grounds and equipment, the extensive grounds are leased for the clubs exclusive use from a private individual and the Crown Estate. Shoots are “set up” by professional staff and the shoot itself is run by the Shoot Manager with assistance from paid “Trappers”

A Clubhouse and toilets are available to members and the clubhouse has catering facilities also run by club staff. The catering extends to the usual burgers, bacon and sausage baps with a range of hot and cold drinks, chocolate bars, crisps etc.

The club shoots every 2nd and 4th Sundays from 09:30 (club usually open from 08:30) with last entry at 12:30. As a private members club Guests are the personal guests of members and other than this the club is not open to casual shooters. However those that are interested in the club and wish to sample the club with a view to joining are always welcome to come along as guests of the Committee. In these circumstances the Committee will also sponsor your membership application if you do not know a current member.

Family membership is available for a nominal extra fee (currently in 2012 £10) this covers a Wife/Husband/Partner and all children living at the same address who are under 18 years of age.

Membership application requires a current shotgun certificate and the procedure is that you will be observed on a shoot by a member of the committee or a safety officer. This observation is entirely aimed at gun handling and safety and that is the sole purpose. Following this you will pass into Probationary membership for the first year, after which you will become a full member.

The only restriction on Probationary members is that they may not invite personal guests, but again in certain circumstances arrangements can be made for the Committee to invite your guests. In the past the club has restricted membership numbers, and operated a waiting list, we currently have in excess of 350 members. Recently  the Committee decided to end the restriction on numbers and manage the club by numbers shooting at each shoot. As a consequence the clubs books are now open to new membership applications.

Each shoot is a competition with a free 80 bird shoot as first prize and a free 60 bird shoot for second prize in each class. Subject to a minimum of three entries we also award prizes for Colts (under 18, who shoot free, in this case the prize is transferable), Ladies and Veterans, these receive a free 80 bird shoot for first place only. In addition we currently shoot 12 trophy shoots a year. Most of these are memorial shoots for a trophy only, but a number are 20 bore or Side by Side competitions where prizes of free shoots are awarded in addition to the usual class winners. The first shoot in December is our “Turkey Shoot”, at this shoot we provide an extensive free buffet and the prizes are replaced with fresh turkeys which can be collected before Christmas.

Our members are at all levels of shooting, we have a considerable number of A & AA class shooters, including a number of veterans but we also have and encourage novices and new shooters. We have a number of members who are new to shooting or new to shotgun shooting, and all levels are welcome.

Our Colts section fluctuates from time to time as Colt grow up and move into full membership or move away to University etc. We are always keen to recruit more young members and although our Ladies Section is currently larger that average we are also particularly keen to recruit more ladies.

For membership enquiries please email: enquiries@stargunclub.org

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